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2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Emmie has read 4 books toward her goal of 30 books.
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Jun 10 '12

let it be known that my room is my safe place and if you’re allowed in there and i’m not nervous as hell you’re pretty fucking special

i like people but if i don’t know you and you decide you can be in my room, especially when i’m not around to tell you that it’s okay, i’m not going to like you much

at all

that said, onto a slightly lighter topic: my least favorite part of washing my sheets is making my bed afterward

May 3 '12
  • girls at my school: if my parents ever found my blog i would be dead!
  • their blogs: nothing but pictures of starbucks frappuccinos and girls lying on beaches and scene boys and brotips
  • our blogs: gay porn, smut, swearing like sailors, shameless objectifying of celebrities, and questionable mental stability
Apr 29 '12




i wonder what exactly he wrote that with

One tends to use the tools that are handy.

It’s come.

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Apr 18 '12





BLUH my surgery is tomorrow at 5:30 in the morning.

Forget anesthetic I’m going to be so sleepy that they won’t even have to put me out.

sup emelia 

oh nothing just looking over my impressive collection of Tavros harassment gifs again Jenna-Rose

It is quite impressive indeed.

I’m on my work computer or I would see your Tav harassment gif and raise you a sollux

or something


Apr 17 '12
So I went to go check my tumblr crushes and Jenna

So I went to go check my tumblr crushes and Jenna

Mar 29 '12
Jan 30 '12

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Jan 29 '12
Jan 28 '12
Jan 6 '12

Lord of the Rings: Dwarf

Lord of the Rings: Dwarf



is that a short joke.